Great, thanks for blowing the excitement around the upcoming March event. I hope the iPhone 5se is identical to the 5s. inexpensive case options are the best case options.

I think there is a market for smaller screens, but it should come with much higher screen to body ratio. I’m really interested in the 5se, or whatever they will call it.



9to5mac: Apple is currently planning to introduce a new 4-inch iPhone dubbed the “iPhone 5se” and a new iPad Air at an event on Tuesday, March 15th, then put the products up for sale online and in retail stores as early as Friday, March 18th, accomrding to sources.

The AT&T and Verizon Moto X 2014 now on sale for $99.99 at Best Buy. The Moto X 2014 Pure Edition isn’t a bad phone. It’s pretty good. USA carrier branded versions are stuck on Lollipop. The unlocked 2014 Moto X is getting or already got Marshmallow.

As long as it have the same camera hardware and software processing of the main LG G5 just like how the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact is, that is fine by me even if they downgrade the SOC to Snapdragon 625. Camera quality is the one that I’m looking for a smartphone this year, second is battery life and third is design and build quality, I don’t care about the rest since I don’t play games on my phone or multitask on it.

LG G5 Lite:
Snapdragon 652
Adreno 510 GPU
5.3-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) display
3 GB of RAM
32 GB of internal memory
8MP carema

Both devices are indeed gorgeous. I especially like the design of the Passport.

CrackBerry: BlackBerry is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with discounts at ShopBlackBerry on the Priv and Passport in the U.S. and UK.

BlackBerry Priv for $650 (a $50 discount)
BlackBerry Passport for $399

Droid turbo 2 with a prettier design and no Verizon exclusivity would’ve been the perfect phone.

Now on Tap
App Standby
Doze mode
App permissions
Expandable storage (adoptable)
Do not disturb mode
Expanded volume controls
Direct Share
Do not disturb integrated with Assist
Attentive Display now part of Moto Actions



Tony G: Yes, I had the Maxx then Turbo too. Then went to N6 and then 6P. I've had 6.0.1 since October. That Turbo2 is nice. I always loved the big batteries. Still having unlimited, I got tired of paying full price to Verizon only for slow updates and phones bloated. I also have Nova Prime on my 6P as I like the customizations available. An unlocked and unbloated Turbo2 would be great. Too bad Verizon has them exclusively.

That is about $789 and $899 USD money. The S6 was about $100 less at launch last year.

They did their research and Samsung saw 800 EUR to be suitable for this device at launch. That said, the S6 did go down in price rapidly so the S7 will be similar. That price includes VAT, which is a rather large sales tax. Even discounting VAT, electronics prices are generally a bit higher in Europe.

SamMobile: According to a new report the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge will cost Euro 700 and Euro 800 respectively, that’s the same price that we exclusively confirmed about a month ago.

It’s a beautiful watch, and both the pedometer and heart rate monitor are great. I absolutely love my Classic. But I’m not the kind of user to cram a watch with apps. I use them for notifications, music, running/exercising, weather, etc.

Samsung: two new Samsung Gear S2 classic models, plated in elegant 18k Rose Gold and timeless Platinum, will be available at, BestBuy,, Macy’s, and other stores in the United States, and will retail for $449.99.

Notifications are great on my Classic S2, and the style is great… Actually a smartwatch that doesn’t look huge and chunky on my wrist…

I think that the phone LG G5, would be a really big success. With their new phone LG G5 which will have revolutionary equipment, will be able to impose a new trend in equipping future phones produced by manufacturers of phone. I wait with impatience to see their new phone really.

LG G5 key features:
5.6-inch Quad HD display
Snapdragon 820 processor
20MP camera
4GB of RAM


I have really high hopes for this phone. Really cool idea, and I could see me using this feature a LOT. I like case covers other then having to open them for little things like looking at the time and phone calls.

LG News Room:
The touch function, recently introduced on the K10’s Quick Cover View, is now available on the G5 Quick Cover’s semitransparent mesh cover.

A free bundled Gear VR headset sounds like a great way to start using your brand new handset. If the microSD card slots are back, and the S7 and S7 edge are water resistant, I’ll be pre-ordering on Feb. 21.

Android World: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will go up for pre-order in the Netherlands right on launch day, February 21st.

Seems like this phone will be awesome! hopefully it won’t have a locked bootloader and will be…The rumor said yes. but that OIS module is not available on this IMX377 afaik. it is 1/2.3 type, if it has OIS module, the phone thickness will be too fat for being a phone in the pocket.

HTC Perfume “UltraPixels”: Main Camera – Sony IMX377 12MP 1.55um + Laser Autofocus + PDAF; Front Camera – Samsung s5k4e6 5MP UltraPixel.



Droid-Life: If HTC can fine-tune this beast for their own hardware, we could be in for a treat and see HTC fix a problem area that has plagued their flagships for a good three years in a row.

PocketNow: And admittedly, sticking to old UltraPixel sizes while scaling things up to 12MP could have gotten prohibitively expensive.

This phone is pretty legit in the the aesthetics department. BTW, 5-inch without at least 720p is hideous. The 210 and 400 are very close in performance that it wouldn’t matter anything on the device. And from my understanding the battery drain is less on that 210. Recommended that to a not so tech-savvy friend on a budget and he really likes it.

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I think the back of this render is beautiful blast from the past.
They better have some mind-blowing design or super distinguishing feature the Galaxy S7, S7 edge and G5 sales will be in full swing by then..they need a miracle if they’re to divert attention from them.

evleaks: HTC M10: Hitting US retail the week of May 9th

Hopefully they release a 5.2″ish option but not holding my breath. If it works like the V10, the display does not wake up in your pocket. There is a sensor (you can even get it to shut off with your finger over it) and it does not activate or wake up until it is back out in the open.

Looks interesting , will it come with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3, LG V10 style camera controls, 64GB storage , 4 GB Ram and with Android 6.01?



AndroidAuthority: The LG G5 Always On display is actually a full-screen version of the V10's second screen.

Engadget: The publication says the G5 won't have an AMOLED display and will instead have a full screen version of the LG V10's second, smaller screen.

They show the buttons more than the actual camera features. This should have come out immediately after the launch, not 4 months later.
Video description:
With powerful camera features like Rich Capture, a triple LED natural flash, and a 20 MP sensor that has been engineered to virtually eliminate motion blur, you’ll have the confidence to capture anything. With higher resolution and better fast-action capture, 4K video lets you preserve precious memories in stunning quality. And with advanced Optical Image Stabilisation and virtually seamless auto focus, the Lumia 950 is always ready to take super-sharp and silky-smooth videos. 4K video capture is an exciting new way to record the magic moments that make life special.

lumia-950 lumia-950-02

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Looks great, the curves on the back are nice. Sides of the device look pretty clean on the rear photo. Methinks no SD slot there. Maybe there’ll be a SIM+SD combined tray up top?

But I guess the Galaxy S6 was a pretty big design shift, so you can’t expect them to make big changes like that every year.


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I love HTC phones. They are very underrated. UI expirience is great. HTC definitely needs to do something different with it’s phones this year. The A9 was a good start, but I’d love if they found a way to include Boomsound (a la Xperia series, or their own Butterflies.

The announcement event, which was previously reported to take place in London will take place on April 11.



AndroidHeadlines: HTC will supposedly present this new flagship smartphone, the unveiling is said to be taking place in London, but unfortunately, that’s all the detail that the rumor divulges.

Its like Sony losing out on Water Resistance in its flagship. They can reduce the speaker size like what Motorola does or like Huawei Nexus 6P.

– no logo bar
– improved screen to body ratio hence its expect to have the same size as M9 with bigger screen, 5.2″
– AOSP like UX
– heavy loaded camera hardware



PhoneArena: This alleged picture of the M10 has now been drawn into a render, showing the possible look from the rear and sides as well

They should put the bottom boom speaker close to the charging port like S6 edge and iPhones and add physical/capacitive buttons like samsung does.

LlabTooFeR: HTC Perfume is going to have 5.2″ WQHD screen instead of reported earlier 5.1″ screen